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A restaurant application should really fast to respond to the workflow. WePOS is build with the latest technology to provide a seamless integration to your workflow and tools that will help you to work more faster.

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Handle Multiple Printers
Modern restaurant has a printer at the kitchen. Each order placed, are directly send to the printer kitchen. This feature can be used with WePOS, which provide Google Cloud Print intergration on wifi
Vocal Notification
WePOS provide a Vocal notification system which let the kitchen know if a new order has been placed. The vocal notification include the order type and the table where the order has been placed from.
Support Meal Modifiers
The modifier is a way to customize a menu according to the customer needs, without having to create multiple items for each various tastes. In WePOS it's easy to setup multiple modifiers on order.
Bless of Cloud
WePOS is a cloud ready software. So it can be deployed in cloud and our subscription packages include cloud server space with support though it can be deployed in regular server with proper integration.
Easy To Use
Any new business seeks for a simple and handy solution that can integrate with their workflow, and WePOS does it. We make it compatible with latest hardware and software environment for making it easy to the customers
Fully Supported
You won’t ever have to worry about the support, since we’ll always be there to assist you and to listen to your needs and suggestions. We support the system software core and keep it updated regularly.

Perfect Dashboard

It's the place where everything is come to an point. Your control line is through this dashboard. All the management and customization can be done from here

Stats, Reports & more

The clean dashboard will allow you to calculate your profit-loss and necessary reports through proper chart and calculation

Adaptive Design
WePOS can be used using any type of devices and its crafted for using the system from any devices with any wider display.
Multiple Role View
WePOS offers Kitchen View for kitchen room, Waiter screen for waiters to see pending orders. It can also print splited receipt.
Cloud Sync
Integration of automation like Google Cloud Printing makes it more usuable to handle your workflow automatically.

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